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Schedule organizer for teachers


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Penalara GHC - School Timetable Generator is a versatile program to create and organize schedules.

Create a complete, detailed schedule with Penalara GHC - School Timetable Generator. The program allows you to add all relevant information to the schedules: classes, students, notes, dates, assignments, tutoring, and even department meetings, school start and end times, and breaks. The open configuration of the information creates a very detailed -but also easily editable- work plan for each teacher. Penalara GHC - School Timetable Generator also has different a few viewing options. For example, view all the staff's schedules for the day at once to easily schedule meetings or assign guard duty.

Penalara GHC - School Timetable Generator has a very functional, easy to learn interface that guarantees precisely organized and clearly presented schedules. Find the information you need in a glance thanks to the color-coordinated subjects.

Windows XP or newer required


The maximum level automatically unlocks after several days

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